Maharashtra reports 855 farmer suicides in Apr-Jan this year: Govt informs Parliament

New Delhi: Maharashtra has reported 855 cases of farmers’ suicides during the period from January to April this year compared to 1,023 cases in the same period of the year, Parliament was reported on Friday.

“The response to the unfortunate suicide case of farmers is to improve their well-being,” said Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh at the Rajya Sabha.

To this end, the central government has adopted a strategy to improve farmers’ incomes by making agriculture more sustainable and generating benefits for farmers on a sustainable basis, he said in a written response.

As a result, the government is re-aligning its operations to move from the production platform focused on the production-centric platform, he added.

In response to an independent inquiry into the number of suicides among farmers in Maharashtra, Junior Agriculture Minister Parshottam Rupala said the state has reported 855 suicides between January and April 2017, compared with 1023 cases of suicides. During the same period of the year.

To address the issue of farmers’ suicides, the Union Health Ministry has called on all states, including Maharashtra, to prepare a detailed action plan, he told the upper house.

States were invited to analyze the districts where the suicide cases come from farmers and to inform the Ministry, he said.

Highlighting measures taken by the Maharashtra government to prevent farmers from committing suicide, Rupala said the state is carrying out a pilot project in the districts of Yavatmal and Amravati and Osmandabad of the Aurangabad division.

Funds were released to the order of Rs 34.19 million in 2015-16 and Rs 12.50 in 2016-17 to these districts for the execution of the ‘Baliraja Chetana Abhiyan’. The farmer’s lawyer is run by a program of the state’s public health department, he added.

Recently, the state announced a loan exemption scheme for farmers. In addition, the central government also supports a mental health program in the country’s 444 districts under the National Mental Health Program.

The district’s mental health program has been modified to provide suicide prevention, workplace stress management, life skills training and counseling, among others, the minister said. The research activity.

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