Boaty McBoatface Has Come Home From The Cold Abyss With 'Unprecedented Data'

Boaty McBoatface Has Come Home From The Cold Abyss With ‘Unprecedented Data’

Boaty McBoatface Has Come Home From The Cold Abyss With ‘Unprecedented Data’

Scientists collected “unprecedented data” on some of the coldest abysses of the ocean on Earth – through Boaty McBoatface.

The yellow submersible research vehicle has returned to their homes in the UK last week after their first voyage through the background water in Antarctica, capturing data on temperature, water flow velocity and low turbulence The water at the Orkney Pass.
Boaty, as it is known, got its name when the National Council for Environmental Research (NERC) has organized a contest to choose a new polar research vessel, which became viral internet when it tried to name “boaty McBoatface.”

NERC has tried to ignore the popular vote and go with the RRS Sir David Attenborough in honor of the broadcast type diffuser, but there was a public outcry. The plate has a little late to give its new robotic research submarine the popular name.

Boaty is currently part of a seven-week expedition in the Orkney flow pipeline dynamics. The Orkney Pass is a region of the Antarctic Ocean, which is about 4,000 meters deep and about 500 miles from the Antarctic Peninsula and represents some of the coldest abyssal waters on the planet.

“The Orkney Pass is a key point of impact on the flow of deep waters in which we expect the mechanism linking the changing winds in the warming waterworks abyssal.

Our goal is to learn enough about these complex processes to represent the (first) in the models that scientists use to predict how our climate will change in the 21st century and beyond, “said Professor Alberto Naveira Garabato of the University of Southampton, Chief scientist for the expedition, said in a statement.

“We have been able to collect large amounts of data that we have never been able to capture before because of the way Boaty (Long Range Autosub) can move underwater.

So far we have only been able to take measurements from a fixed point, but now we can get a much more detailed picture of what is happening in this very important underwater landscape. The challenge for us now is to analyze all this. ”

Boaty made three trips to depth during this part of the expedition, with the longest duration of three days.

It has traveled more than 180 km in the water that has reached temperatures below 0 ° C and current for a node while measuring the intensity of the turbulence. And it was not just sailing.

Asteroids Are Coming: Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

Asteroids Are Coming: Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

Asteroids Are Coming: Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

In fact, it is astéroïdo day happens Friday, June 30 and you want your children to pay attention. You too.

Really? As if climate change Brexit, Trump, North Korea, possible trade wars and all that was not enough, you have to worry about asteroids coming to the planet?

You are right. In fact, earlier this month, June 6, an Object Near Earth – NEO or as they are known – the size of a football field was as close to us as the Moon.

In April, another well-known JO25 2014 and about 2000 feet in diameter, the size of Gibraltar rock, approved by the planet at a relatively close distance of 1.1 million miles, approximately 4 1/2 times that of the Moon.

And as the asteroids approaching the ground several times a week, this was the largest since 2004.

These rocks – smaller and especially the parts of the formation of the universe (move their head around it) – are going to close several times a week and usually pose no threat to the Earth. On average, an asteroid the size of an automobile collides with Earth’s atmosphere every year, it burns in a spectacular fireball.

About 2 000 years ago, a football field asteroid hits the planet and damages.

There have been two major strikes in relatively recent times that show the power of the threat. More recently, on February 15, 2013, a 59-foot, 10,000-tonne meteor that moved around 40 by 000 mph exploded in a blinding flash 14 1/2 miles from Chelyabinsk, Russia. The people on the floor have felt their heat.

In the 20th century, the greatest known impact of human history was a meteorite or asteroid that exploded three to six miles above an area near the Tunguska River in Siberia, flattening about 770 square miles of forest. No human being hurt.

It was estimated between 200 and 620 feet in diameter. It is believed that energy equivalent to 1000 times that of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima fell.

Now consider this: attacking any meteor between 1 and 1 1/2 miles in diameter would have a global impact.

No more sweating? The meteor that hit the ground eventually erase dinosaurs and trigger mass extinctions, no more than six miles and has published about a billion times the energy of the Hiroshima bomb.

Trembling thoughts.

Tunguska NASA
The trees were felled by the Tunguska explosion. Photo of the Soviet expedition of 1927 Science Photo: NASA

The Tunguska incident took place on June 30, 1908. This is why the founders of the Asteroid Day were established on the same date every year worldwide to illuminate the dangers NEO can present to a world that was not enough to Map the location of the millions of NEOs in our solar system that have the potential to hit the planet and even the destruction of a city.

Specifically, only 10 000 were found – only 1%. This explains the “100x Declaration” signed by 40,000 citizens, including 200 scientists and cultural personalities in the world, including a multitude of astronauts, Nobel laureates, facilitators and entrepreneurs.

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Strange ‘sea pickles’ keep washing ashore in the Pacific Northwest — and scientists are baffled

Strange ‘sea pickles’ keep washing ashore in the Pacific Northwest — and scientists are baffled

Strange ‘sea pickles’ keep washing ashore in the Pacific Northwest — and scientists are baffled

There are strange sea creatures known as the “gherkin” invading the Pacific Northwest.

These gelatinous and slightly translucent bodies, called pyrosomes were seen together, sometimes thousands, near the northern shore of California to southeastern Alaska – obstructing fishing and lava nets on beaches according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Experts say that this year creatures appear in large numbers outside the normal range of species.

More recently, the NBC Bay Area reported that sea dwellers have caused a stir in Monterey Bay, frustrating fishermen try to take salmon and shrimp.

What are pyrosomes, where do they come from, and why are they growing?

[Australian scientists have searched for deep creatures and took their nightmares instead]

NOAA Fisheries they described it this way:

The pyrosomes are pelagic tunics, which are part of Chordata, a cutting edge that includes humans. It is hard and sticky to the touch, with small protuberances pronounced. Inside the wall of this gelatinous tube that grows up to 60 cm, individual zooids are packed together.

These zooids have incurrente and excess siphon and the use of eyelashes for pumping water for feeding, breathing and movement. Using a network of mucus, they filter the water for small planktonic microorganisms.

Pyrosomes are known to accumulate in large clusters on the surface and bioluminesce zooides to create beautiful light screens.

Experts say that pyrosomes are found all over the world, usually in warm tropical waters in the sea away.

Ric Brodeur, a research biologist at the NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center in Newport, Oregon, said that the Oregon Beachcombers walked the beaches for decades but began making reports of washed-up pyhosomes on beaches only in the past. some months.

It was also at sea on research cruises since the 1980s and saw its first pyrosome in 2014. It is believed that great abundance is related to unusually warm oceanic conditions along the coastline that sees the natural habitat of pyrosomes .

Brodeur said it is too early to say if pyrosomes become permanent residents in the Pacific Northwest because the ocean could return to colder conditions.

“We will wait and see how it goes, but of course, this is not a good sign for the ecosystem to have these creatures out there instead of the normal prey of fish and shellfish, most of our fish, birds and mammals off our coast Are accustomed to, “he said.

“A city five minutes away from a Columbia research pipeline at the end of May generated approximately 60,000 pirosomes,” said the NOAA Northwest Science Center Fishery in a blog post. “Scientists have spent hours sorting the massive done to find the rare fish they were meant for.”

Researchers at NOAA Fisheries and researchers at Oregon State University and the University of Oregon studied these more marine creatures.

Solar Eclipse 2017: Alaska Airlines Flight Will Offer View Above the Clouds

Solar Eclipse 2017: Alaska Airlines Flight Will Offer View Above the Clouds

Solar Eclipse 2017: Alaska Airlines Flight Will Offer View Above the Clouds

Emphasizing the clouds prevents seeing the total solar eclipse that will come? A group of lucky astronomy fans can feel comfortable.

While the moon blocks the sun’s face on August 21, leaving only the bright crown in the sky, they watch 35,000 feet (10,700 meters) in the air aboard an Alaska Airlines charter flight.

“We are in a unique position to provide a unique experience for astronomy lovers,” said Sangita Woerner, Alaska Airlines vice president of marketing, in a press release. “Flying over the Pacific Ocean provide not only one of the first views, but also one of the best.”

The flight should take off from Portland International Airport in Oregon at 7:30 am local time on August 21.

This will lead to the Pacific coast early to see the total solar eclipse, the first to cross from coast to coast for 99 years. [What they will see during the total solar eclipse of 2017]

The airline does not sell tickets to its observation group. Seats are available only by invitation to a select group of astronomers and guests.

But Alaska Airlines give two seats as part of a marketing promotion from July 21, the company’s social media.

“We still do not know how many people are going to be on board,” Halley Knigge, an Alaska Airlines spokeswoman for, said in an e-mail.

“The plane has a capacity of 181 guests, but limit the seats available to provide an optimal viewing experience for people on board. It is safe to say that there will be less than 100 people on the flight, including crew.”

Alaska Airlines also offered a flight to eclipse last year, in which columnist Joe Rao, was a passenger. The video of that flight, shown below, was shot by Mike Kentrianakis with the American Astronomical Society.
During the eclipse of August 21, the moon will pass between the Sun and Earth, blocking the solar disk and leaving only its faint outer atmosphere visible. If time allows, millions of people can see how the shadow of the Moon (113 km) reached 14 states, beginning at 10 am PDT 15 (17 h 15 GMT) in Oregon and ending at 2:49 pm. EDT (1849 GMT) in South Carolina.

The trajectory of the whole is progressing rapidly. Even lucky airline passengers can follow the eclipse, which will cross the country, at speeds of up to 2,900 km / ha in western Oregon at 2,400 km / h near Charleston, South Carolina, according to an interactive Google map created by Eclipse of the French Xavier Eclipse Jubier, with the eclipse defense group of the International Astronomical Union.

Incredible New Observation Shows Supermassive Black Holes Orbiting Each Other

Incredible New Observation Shows Supermassive Black Holes Orbiting Each Other

Incredible New Observation Shows Supermassive Black Holes Orbiting Each Other

Do you think our galaxy is special? Ha. Our drilling roll of gas and dark matter could be a good place for humans.

But within hundreds of light years, there is an elliptical galaxy, Galaxy 0402 + 379, that supermassive black holes are orbiting just 24 or more years of light. Their combined weight is about 15 billion times that of our sun.

If not convinced, a team led by scientists at the University of New Mexico has actually detected black holes moving relative to each other using the Very Long Baseline Array, a system of ten radio telescopes in the United States, with locations in Hawaii And the Caribbean.

Not only is it the first direct measurement of the galactic centers orbiting that way, but it was a difficult calculation to realize.

One of the study’s authors, Roger Romani of Stanford University, told Gizmodo: “I think it’s a tour de force technique to measure such movement in the sky,” a-t said. “It took me ten years of measurement with the largest telescope network on earth.”

These black holes are large, probably a few thousand times more massive than the monster in the center of the Milky Way, Sagittarius A *. They are probably the result of a set of fused galaxies, according to Romani.

And although they are 24 light-years away, it’s actually a very narrow range in regards to the orbit of black holes. “Two approaching black holes are quite exceptional,” he said. Even so, it would take about 30,000 years for the giants to complete a full orbit. The researchers published the results in The Astrophysical Journal.
Capturing a movement of this type of distant sources in the sky requires using the VLBA, a radio telescope set up to perform very long base interferometry or VLBI.

In essence, the Earth itself is transformed into a telescope, but instead of focusing light on a mirror as a simple telescope, light is captured on individual radio telescopes and the focus is by comparing the information contained in supercomputers . These types of observations allow researchers to solve very remote but relatively important things.

Other researchers were delighted to observe. “This is an absolutely wonderful result.This is a very convincing proof of what would be the first binary black hole known visual observed supermassive,” meaning a pair of very solid black holes that can be solved separately with a light telescope Grant Tremblay, an astrophysicist at Yale University and Harvard Gizmodo.

“It will be very convincing target tracking for years to come.” Romani emphasized that studying binary black holes like these could help understand how black holes are joining in the center of large galaxies.

Another astronomer Sarah Spolaor at the University of West Virginia explains how these binary black holes are hard to find and none of the candidates is not completely confirmed (though this one). She always thought this observation was exciting.

“Its target source 0402 + 379 … is one of the most credible candidates for a number of reasons, perhaps one of the highlights is that it has actually been” photographed “and we can see the material clearly mark the two holes Blacks, “he said.

“Therefore, the discovery of the orbital motion at 0402 + 379 would be a dream come true for many,” and perhaps one day scientists may be able to make a video on the radio waves of orbiting black holes.

He emphasized that “the orbital movement is not the only possible explanation of what they saw,” Romani said. You will feel more confident after taking more data for longer. Or maybe they can find another pair in orbit.