NCERT books efficiently for the IAS exam

How do I read NCERT books efficiently for the IAS exam with other UPSC Books?

To prepare to read the UPSC exam, Ncert must do it. But yes, at first, one can think that it takes too long to be completed.

I think it is important to make a plan to read and complete all NCERTs. You must be accurate when you read. Photos of unwanted exercise that you can avoid. The difficult part is a word that means no, so you can keep the dictionary on the phone. So, at the time of reading, you can write the meaning of the word.

NBCERT Books Notes

I think taking notes is important. Or write it down in a book or you can write in the margin. But I strongly recommend you write in a book for each subject. When you write notes, you can add more information about the subject of the Internet. When all your notes are ready, it will be easy to examine them. So you can minimize the time later.

To refer to other books are compiled using NCERT Books. Notes of any kind are made with the help of NCERT. And sometimes, if you do not understand, read it again. Each assessment will give you more understanding.

If NCERT completes it, it can achieve most of the program elements. As you read, you should see what role your curriculum includes.

To the extent that time depends solely on his time of reading and understanding. But that will surely decrease with more evaluation.

It worked for me, and now, after taking notes, it is very quick to consider.

Selecting The Best Books For IAS

When You Start the preparation of the UPSC Exam, You must always keep in mind that the Books for the UPSC exam which you are selecting must be the Best Books for the IAS exam and That should be updated and revised for the whole years.

All the candidates who are interested in clearing the IAS exam must know the complete IAS Books BPackage.

Pre-reading work: –

With a timer, note how long it takes to read 5 pages of any NCERT book. Find the average time and keep a note.
Now when you start reading a new NCERT class, simply write down the number of pages and multiply your average time and get an idea of the time to complete NCERT.
For example: SAY, my average time is 2-3 minutes for a page, so if I read a 100 page book, then I should spend about 200-300 minutes. So I know the time limit and work to complete my task within the deadlines.