New computer virus spreads from Ukraine to disrupt world business

New computer virus spreads from Ukraine to disrupt world business

New computer virus spreads from Ukraine to disrupt world business

A computer virus that wreak havoc on companies around the world Wednesday, while stretching to more than 60 countries, which alters the ports from Mumbai to Los Angeles and disrupted work in a chocolate factory in Australia.

Cyence risk modeling company said the economic losses of the attack this week and last month of a virus called WannaCry probably exceeded 8 billion. This assessment highlights the enormous strengths of companies worldwide to meet the growing cyber attacks that hit critical offline computer networks.

“When systems are down and they can not generate revenue, it really attracts leaders and board members,” said George Kurtz, chief executive of security software maker CrowdStrike. “This has made it easier to understand the need for resiliency and improved security in networks.”

The virus, the researchers call Petia or GoldenEye, began spreading in Ukraine Tuesday. It infected the computers of visitors on a local news website and computers have downloaded contaminated updates a popular package of tax accounting, according to national police and cyber experts.

A cargo reservation system was closed at the Danish shipping giant A. P. Moller-Maersk (MAERSKb.CO), causing traffic jams in some of the 76 ports in the world managed by its APM subsidiary terminals …

Maersk said on Wednesday that the system was online again: “The booking confirmation will take a little longer than usual, but we are happy to carry your cargo,” he said on Twitter.

The US FedEx delivery provider said its TNT division had been significantly affected by the virus, which has also moved to South America, which affects Argentine ports operated by China Cofco.

The malicious code encrypted data on machines and required victims of the $ 300 rescue for recovery, similar to the extortion tactics used in the general ransomware of attack WannaCry in May.

Security experts said they believed the aim was to disrupt computer systems in Ukraine, not extortion, claiming that the attack uses powerful cleaning software that made it impossible to recover lost data.

“It was a disguised ransomware broom. They do not intend to get money against the attack,” said Tom Kellermann, CEO of Ciber Ventures, strategic.
The malware appears to use code known as the “eternal blue” that was developed by the US National Security Agency.

Eternal Blue was part of a stolen toolkit from the NSA piracy and was leaked on the Internet in April by a group called Shadow Runners, which security researchers believe is related to the Russian government.

This attack has been pointed out by NSA critics who say the agency puts the public at risk by keeping information about software vulnerabilities secret so it can be used in cyber operations.

The United States representative, Ted location, a Democrat, on Wednesday asked the NSA to immediately reveal any information he might have in eternal blue that would help to stop the attacks.

“If the NSA has a killer switch to this new malware attack, the NSA must implement it now,” Lugar said in a letter to NSA director Mike Rogers.

The NSA did not respond to a request for comment and has not publicly acknowledged that it has developed hacking tools made known by Shadow Brokers.

The target of the campaign looked like Ukraine, an enemy of Russia, that underwent two cyber attacks in its electrical network that attributed to Moscow.

ESET, a Slovakian cyber security software company, said that 80 percent of infections detected among its global customers were in Ukraine, followed by Italy with 10 percent.

Ukraine has repeatedly accused Moscow of organizing cyber attacks on its computer networks and infrastructure since Russia annexed Crimea in 2014.

The Kremlin has denied the charges, said on Wednesday it had no information on the source of the attack, which also affected Russian companies, including oil company Rosneft (ROSN.MM) and a steel mill.

NCERT books efficiently for the IAS exam

How do I read NCERT books efficiently for the IAS exam with other UPSC Books?

To prepare to read the UPSC exam, Ncert must do it. But yes, at first, one can think that it takes too long to be completed.

I think it is important to make a plan to read and complete all NCERTs. You must be accurate when you read. Photos of unwanted exercise that you can avoid. The difficult part is a word that means no, so you can keep the dictionary on the phone. So, at the time of reading, you can write the meaning of the word.

NBCERT Books Notes

I think taking notes is important. Or write it down in a book or you can write in the margin. But I strongly recommend you write in a book for each subject. When you write notes, you can add more information about the subject of the Internet. When all your notes are ready, it will be easy to examine them. So you can minimize the time later.

To refer to other books are compiled using NCERT Books. Notes of any kind are made with the help of NCERT. And sometimes, if you do not understand, read it again. Each assessment will give you more understanding.

If NCERT completes it, it can achieve most of the program elements. As you read, you should see what role your curriculum includes.

To the extent that time depends solely on his time of reading and understanding. But that will surely decrease with more evaluation.

It worked for me, and now, after taking notes, it is very quick to consider.

Selecting The Best Books For IAS

When You Start the preparation of the UPSC Exam, You must always keep in mind that the Books for the UPSC exam which you are selecting must be the Best Books for the IAS exam and That should be updated and revised for the whole years.

All the candidates who are interested in clearing the IAS exam must know the complete IAS Books BPackage.

Pre-reading work: –

With a timer, note how long it takes to read 5 pages of any NCERT book. Find the average time and keep a note.
Now when you start reading a new NCERT class, simply write down the number of pages and multiply your average time and get an idea of the time to complete NCERT.
For example: SAY, my average time is 2-3 minutes for a page, so if I read a 100 page book, then I should spend about 200-300 minutes. So I know the time limit and work to complete my task within the deadlines.

With a Better Brain, Curiosity Mars Rover Picks Its Own Targets

With a Better Brain, Curiosity Mars Rover Picks Its Own Targets

With a Better Brain, Curiosity Mars Rover Picks Its Own Targets

The Curiosity Mars Rover is now smart enough to choose its own exploration targets, according to a new study.

The secret of Curiosity’s best brain was a software update sent to the ground in October 2015, called Stand-Alone Exploration to Collect Enhanced Science (AEGIS).

This was the first time that artificial intelligence had been tested on a remote probe, and the results showed that similar AI techniques could be applied to future missions, according to NASA scientists working on the project.

AEGIS allows the rover to be “trained” to identify rocks with certain characteristics that field scientists want to investigate. This is valuable because human Curiosity controllers can not be in direct contact with the mobile all the time.

Instead of waiting for instructions to “go there and sample this piece of rock”, Curiosity can now search for goals, even if it is not in contact with its human controllers, according to a new study that describes Curiosity use of the software.

“We can not be in constant contact with the rover – Mars turns and when [Curiosity is] on the opposite side, we can not get in touch with him,” said Raymond Francis, senior system engineer for the deployment of AEGIS . .com.

According to the study, once the AEGIS system was deployed, it was used 54 times between May 13, 2016 and April 7, 2017. Without intelligent targeting, curiosity could be expected to reach a goal Scientists are interested in about 24% time; With AEGIS, the rover managed 93 percent, according to the study.

Even when the rover is in contact, signals from Earth to Mars take the time to get there and come back. In May 2016, Mars was the closest it came from Earth in 11 years – 46.8 million miles.

A radio signal would take a little more than 4 minutes to get there and four more to come back. So if there are planetary scientists who want to take a closer look, it may take some time to send the orders.

Inactive time is often lost for mission rover time, and because sending a robot to Mars is expensive and difficult, it’s not ideal. A few hours hanging around each day may not seem like much, but it adds up during an entire mission.

With AEGIS, the rover could lead to a location, select investigative targets and collect data while waiting for radio contact with the Earth again. This means that terrestrial scientists are free to choose a new target once they re-establish contact with the rover.

For the study, the NASA team formed Curiosity, with the AEGIS software, to analyze the pedestal in a function called the Murray Formation after each training. The Murray Formation is a rocky outcrop with characteristic bands of stones, possibly laid by lakes of liquid water.

One question scientists wanted to answer was whether the chemical composition of the Murray Formation changed over time, as this might reveal changes in water chemistry, disclosing more about the history of water on Mars.

Rauner, Madigan talk 'compromise' while doing little of it

Rauner, Madigan talk ‘compromise’ while doing little of it

Rauner, Madigan talk ‘compromise’ while doing little of it

By asking for a special session costing taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars a day, with no result, Democrats and Republicans talk about the idea of commitment without public to get one.

Republican Governor Bruce Rauner overturned his social networking accounts with calls to lawmakers to send him the reasonable name “Capitol Commitment” from a proposal by Republican lawmakers, but without the participation of Democrats.

Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan, on the other hand, conducted a series of votes Wednesday on some essential elements to Rauner, doubling the effort, “substantial compromise” that Republicans were challenged otherwise.

So the compromise seems to be in the eye of the viewer on the Capitol, a rhetorical tool to help sell the idea that the other party is to blame if a budget agreement is not reached within a Friday deadline.

Despite the benefits that will accompany such a ruling, there is little to say that a resolution will be reached by then. Rauner sent the strongest signal Wednesday when he said that if lawmakers did not send “a balanced budget package to my desk by Friday, we will have no choice but to keep them in session until ‘they do the job.’

The central premise of the two-year spread remains: Democrats and Republicans agree that higher taxes should be part of any solution, but Rauner said the state also needs regulatory changes to boost economic growth. Madigan has resisted such calls, saying they would hurt middle-class workers at the expense of the rich.
House Minority Leader Jim Durkin, R-Western Springs, went to a meeting in the office of President Michael Madigan to the Capitol on June 28, 2017. (Rich Saal / The State Journal-Register)
After months of no-voice, Madigan and the other three legislative leaders held a series of private meetings in recent days, which have also been supplemented by negotiations between base members responsible for the removal of details. The governor did not attend these meetings, but instead works with Republican leader Jim Durkin.

Little by little, as private conversations continue, the public side of things sees each side trying to place the other’s fault if nothing happens.

Wednesday, Madigan has called a vote on a handful of bills that Democrats said were designed to meet Rauner’s demands in the areas of insurance accidents, land tax cuts, government consolidation and employee pensions.

Before the articles were discussed on the floor, Durkin has issued a statement calling the exercise “political theater” designed to produce “votes cast.

“Republicans have argued that the talks were going on and that they made no sense for Democrats to vote on measures they considered incomplete. Gradually, as the votes continued, Durkin was Madigan’s office for another round of meetings.

They emphasized the story of Madigan taking vows in the laws know that Republicans can not bear the idea of covering their members on hot issues while using those votes as policy meat to attack their opponents.

Take the Democrat proposal to freeze property taxes, for example. While Rauner has long pressed for a freeze, Republicans say the plan presented Wednesday contained too many exceptions to provide relief to taxpayers.

The measure failed, but Democratic lawmakers who can cope with the Rauner-funded challenges in next year’s elections have been registered in the polls for political coverage. Madigan and now has equipment to attack the Republicans who voted against the freeze.

Study links at-risk orcas’ failed pregnancies to scarce food

Study links at-risk orcas’ failed pregnancies to scarce food

Study links at-risk orcas’ failed pregnancies to scarce food

SEATTLE – Endangered killer whales attending Washington state inner waters have pregnancy problems because they can not find enough fish to eat, according to new research.

The researchers analyzed the hormones in feces collected at sea and found that more than two-thirds of the killer pregnancies failed over a seven-year period. They joined these problems to nutritional stress caused by a small amount salmon Chinook, the preferred whale system.

“A lot of whale design, but when nutrition is poor, we do not experience these pregnancies,” said Sam Wasser, lead author of the article and professor of biology at the University of Washington.

Southern resident breeders along the west coast of the United States have fought since they were listed as endangered species in 2005. They represent only 78, below a decade of the decade. Whales face threats of lack of food, pollution and ship.

The new study, which will be published on Thursday in the journal PLoS ONE focuses on providing food as a major stressor among which consumption of fish to whales. Unlike other killer whales they eat marine mammals, orcas that spend the summer in Puget Sound mainly feed on salmon, especially Chinook.

Many species of Chinook salmon along the west coast are classified as threatened or endangered because of a number of factors, including loss of habitat for urban development, dams, fishing, pollution and competition from fish Not native.

The toxins that accumulate in the fat of the whales that are released when the animals are weakened and metabolized this fat plays a role in the problems of pregnancy.
“Food is the driver. But what we still can not say is how it is affected by its interaction with toxins,” Wasser said, adding that there were not enough samples to tell how much toxins are influential.

The use of trained dogs to sniff poop whale, a team of scientists collected about 350 stool samples from 79 single whales in the inland waters of British Columbia and Washington State between 2008 and 2014.

In the laboratory, the hormones progesterone and testosterone were analyzed and evaluated whether orca was pregnant and at what time. They also used DNA to determine the whale’s identity, gender, and family line. The pregnancy is considered satisfactory if the female whale was later seen with the calf.

Their analysis showed 35 orcas pregnancies between 2008 and 2014. The eleven calves were seen with their mothers when the births were successful. Puget Sound killer whales can be individually identified and tracked intensely, so researchers know when the offspring are born in one of the three orcas families, known as the J, K, and L pod.
The study found 24 failed pregnancies. No calves were observed in these cases, indicating that whales have lost babies or calves died soon after birth. These women showed signs of nutritional stress – more than those who delivered correctly.

The researchers also recorded the number of vessels in the area collecting whale droppings. We studied two hormones that play an important role in physiological stress and were able to differentiate stress from poor diet and stress from boat traffic.

The team compared hormonal data to the abundance of two Chinook salmon records in the Pacific Northwest.

Data over time suggests that orcas have experienced periodic nutritional stress, partly caused by the change of time and soundness of courses salmon in the Columbia and Fraser rivers, according to the study.

The study said that improving these Chinook salmon migrations could help save the orcas in Puget Sound.