Video of Harjit Sajjan throwing cherry seeds goes viral

Video of Harjit Sajjan throwing cherry seeds goes viral

Video of Harjit Sajjan throwing cherry seeds goes viral

Amritsar: Clients who came to support Canadian Defense Minister Harjit Singh Sajjan after a video was released showing what he eats cherries sitting in his car and throwing seeds on the road with a man presuming he is the owner of one Store nearby, gets angry with him while identifying him as a great agent.

The video, which is viral in the network programs that Sajjan was touched after the man, who is believed to be the owner of the East Indian meat shop, has approached at the same time he was in the driver’s seat A car that bears the EET 99D registration number and asked rudely “who is” that Sajjan replied “I came to the meat shop.”

The man added, “You’re a great agent, I know it records everything a great officer did.” Sajjan tried to answer the restless man, but he simply refused to listen and said: “He eats cherries and discard the pits on the ground, which makes him a great official.”

“It’s a small mistake of the minister. Everybody makes such mistakes, but the shop owner’s reaction is huge and reprehensible,” Jagjit Singh wrote in his commentary posted on social networks.

Another netizen, Palam Manes writes: “Oh, I think it was so hilarious, NATO’s chief trapped tossing wells. Imagine it’s peanuts, it was funny … Give this guy some space he had low nukes His command and he looked so innocent and completely stuck. ”

When the video became viral, another image was posted in social media with Sajjan flanked by a crowd of Sikhs in front of the gurdwara with the cherries in their hands.

Harminder Kaur wrote in his article: “First of all, just watch the video and you can say that Sajjan did not throw seeds and was very strong, he likes fruits and was allowed to throw seeds.

This idiot has decided to play Superman and record video and, despite his language s ** t, Sajjan was so humble. You are a jaloos, the lord of the store. “

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