After Recent Terror Incident, Sweden Cracks Down On Illegal Immigrants

After Recent Terror Incident, Sweden Cracks Down On Illegal Immigrants

After Recent Terror Incident, Sweden Cracks Down On Illegal Immigrants

STOCKHOLM: Sweden has stepped up its crackdown on illegal immigrants after an asylum seeker has not killed five people in Stockholm, but the movement has expressed concern that more migrants would be driven underground to reach a dark subclass.

In recent months, police have organized sweeping sweeps of workplaces to review documents, compensate undocumented workers, send a warning to employers and generate a heated debate in the nation traditionally tolerant of migrants.

In May, police carried out their biggest incursion so far, when dozens of agents have settled on a construction site in Stockholm. Nine were captured and sent to detention centers, while another 40 escaped by climbing on the scaffolding and rooftops.

Swedish authorities have already begun tightening illegal immigrants, but police have stepped up their activities after Uzbek worker Rakhmat Akilov has taken shoppers to Stockholm in April.

“We have an unlimited job,” said Jerry Wiberg, who heads the police unit in charge of internal border controls in Stockholm. A 22-year veteran who caught thousands of illegal immigrants, Wiberg led the raid on the site in May.

After Akilov has become another terrorist in Europe to use a truck as a weapon, the prime minister said that Stefan Löfven “means there is no” for those whose asylum claims are rejected. Akilov, whose lawyer said he admitted the crime, had been hiding after his asylum claim was denied.

The agency estimates that the migration of 10,000 asylum seekers annually elects to disappear rather than be deported. Up to 50,000 undocumented immigrants already working in hotels, transportation, construction and restaurants, the agency announced last year.

Migration Minister Morgan Johansson says that a “dual job market … where an increasingly out-of-society group of being and staying in Sweden” after being rejected, the residence was unacceptable.

“This also increases the risk of being exploited. We can not do it that way.” He said, adding: “One way to go after employers … (with) expanded controls in the workplace.”

While cheap migrant labor is well received by some small businesses, officials and economists are concerned that the submerged economy surpasses Sweden’s economic model, whose generous provisions and social assistance wages are based on high levels of productivity and one of the The world’s heaviest tax regimes.


Binding measures against immigrants go to large numbers in Sweden, a $ 10 million country that was once called a “humanitarian superpower” that generously welcomed immigrants fleeing conflicts in the Middle East and Africa .

But attitudes seem to change and a study conducted in 2017 by the University of Gothenburg shows that 52 percent. 100 benefited by having fewer refugees in the country with 24 percent. 100 opposed. There are two years, 40 percent. 100 supported refugee reduction with 37 opposed.

Swiss anti-immigration Democrats are now the second largest party in the polls with the support of a fifth of the Swedes.

The Social Democrats, the largest party in the country in all elections since 1917 and the leader of the coalition government with the Greens, were forced to balance their traditional skills that leave with the need to enforce immigration laws.

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