10 Indians killed, six injured in fire in Saudi Arabia, Sushma Swaraj says 'staff rushing'

10 Indians killed, six injured in fire in Saudi Arabia, Sushma Swaraj says ‘staff rushing’

10 Indians killed, six injured in fire in Saudi Arabia, Sushma Swaraj says ‘staff rushing’

At least 10 indigenous people were killed and six others were injured Wednesday when a large fire broke through a windowless house in Saudi Arabia.

Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj in New Delhi said officials from the Indian consulate in Jeddah rushed to Najran after the incident.

“I am aware of the fire tragedy in Najran in which we have lost 10 Indian citizens and six injured are in the hospital,” he said in a tweet.

It happens after the death of a woman, Vidya S, requested the help of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to bring back the mortal remains of those who died in the incident.

“I spoke with the Consul General of Yidda Najran is 900 km from Jeddah Our staff rushes to the first available flight.

“Our Consul General is in contact with the governor of Najran. He says I want to be informed regularly,” Swaraj said.

In addition to the 10 Indians, another person died whose identity is unknown.

Earlier, Arab News quoted the Saudi civil defense, said 11 workers were killed and six injured in the fire in the southern city of Najran came from India and Bangladesh.

“Firefighters emit a fire in a house without windows for ventilation. Eleven people were killed by asphyxiation and six others were injured,” the southern province of Najran said, the civil defense said in a tweet.

The workers, who owned a construction company, lived near a gold market area in the Faisaliah district.

The fire was started due to a short circuit in an old air conditioning unit, according to the primary information.

Among the six injured workers, four were from India, according to the Saudi Arabia Bulletin.

When contacted, the Indian embassy in Riyadh told PTI that he had no details about the incident.

The governor of Najran, Prince Jluwi bin Abdelaziz, ordered the formation of a committee to investigate the fire incident. Its office will oversee the committee, which will include representatives of the Civil Defense, the City Council and the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, according to the report.

Prince Jluwi was concerned about the lack of control over the residences of foreign workers and the role of the Civil Defense and Municipality field teams, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

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