Video of Harjit Sajjan throwing cherry seeds goes viral

Video of Harjit Sajjan throwing cherry seeds goes viral

Video of Harjit Sajjan throwing cherry seeds goes viral

Amritsar: Clients who came to support Canadian Defense Minister Harjit Singh Sajjan after a video was released showing what he eats cherries sitting in his car and throwing seeds on the road with a man presuming he is the owner of one Store nearby, gets angry with him while identifying him as a great agent.

The video, which is viral in the network programs that Sajjan was touched after the man, who is believed to be the owner of the East Indian meat shop, has approached at the same time he was in the driver’s seat A car that bears the EET 99D registration number and asked rudely “who is” that Sajjan replied “I came to the meat shop.”

The man added, “You’re a great agent, I know it records everything a great officer did.” Sajjan tried to answer the restless man, but he simply refused to listen and said: “He eats cherries and discard the pits on the ground, which makes him a great official.”

“It’s a small mistake of the minister. Everybody makes such mistakes, but the shop owner’s reaction is huge and reprehensible,” Jagjit Singh wrote in his commentary posted on social networks.

Another netizen, Palam Manes writes: “Oh, I think it was so hilarious, NATO’s chief trapped tossing wells. Imagine it’s peanuts, it was funny … Give this guy some space he had low nukes His command and he looked so innocent and completely stuck. ”

When the video became viral, another image was posted in social media with Sajjan flanked by a crowd of Sikhs in front of the gurdwara with the cherries in their hands.

Harminder Kaur wrote in his article: “First of all, just watch the video and you can say that Sajjan did not throw seeds and was very strong, he likes fruits and was allowed to throw seeds.

This idiot has decided to play Superman and record video and, despite his language s ** t, Sajjan was so humble. You are a jaloos, the lord of the store. “

As Palestinian leaders fight over Gaza, Israel worries Hamas will go to war

As Palestinian leaders fight over Gaza, Israel worries Hamas will go to war

As Palestinian leaders fight over Gaza, Israel worries Hamas will go to war

GAZA – Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is carrying out a high-risk campaign in Gaza to force his own people to forcibly force Hamas Islamist militant movement to cede control of the isolated coastal enclave.

The head of the 82-year-old Palestinian Authority, which runs the West Bank, has little margin for Gaza, has reduced its employees’ salaries in the sea, prevented medical patients from leaving and, in their far more dramatic, Payments for electricity supplied to Gaza by Israel.

Israel fears that Hamas will fire with a rocket, and the World Bank is concerned that the band collapsed. The United Nations said on Tuesday that ten years of Hamas war, Palestinian fights and blockades that paralyze Israel and Egypt have made the daily lives of people in Gaza “increasingly unhappy.”

But Abbas said he was ready to go further, threatening to impose sanctions on Hamas and freeze funds from its leaders “if they continue to govern Gaza and use the money of the Palestinian people to build their power,” according to an interview given to Asharq Al-Awsat.
Hamas has never been isolated. Egypt has banned the Muslim Brothers, the progenitor of Hamas. Turkey, which has lavished attention on Gaza, has restored relations with Israel.

And the worst of Hamas, Qatar suffers oil-rich embargo, accused by its neighbors, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, of supporting terrorism. Qatar supports Gaza for years.

Abbas’s harsh tactics are unprecedented in the decade spread between leaders in Gaza and the West Bank. The widening gap appears as President Trump prevents Israel and the Palestinians from returning to peace talks. Trump envoy, Middle East, Jason Greenblatt, returned to Jerusalem on Monday night.

[The short bad Gaza Strip the test of power. This time it is not Israel’s fault.]

Abbas favors talks with Israel if they lead to an independent Palestinian state. Hamas has never recognized Israel and has rejected the talks. Because of the split, Israeli leaders have questioned whether Abbas represents all Palestinians.

Ghazi Hamad, Hamas serving as foreign minister, in fact, to The Washington Post that Abbas could not force Hamas to back down.

“After 10 years, he uses the stick and the carrot does not cut the electricity, it cuts the wages, why?” This is what people ask, “said Mr. Hamad.

He said that Hamas has survived selective killings by Israel, three wars and 10 years of blockade. “We have not done it yet, and we will not give up,” Hamad said. “Does Abbas want Hamas to cry and ask for help?”

But in the streets of Gaza, people feel secure enough – or rather frustrated – to curse Hamas and Abbas, saying that the two do not care about their suffering.

Swimming trunk: elephant rescued from ocean 10 miles off Sri Lanka coast

Swimming trunk: elephant rescued from ocean 10 miles off Sri Lanka coast

Swimming trunk: elephant rescued from ocean 10 miles off Sri Lanka coast

An elephant was rescued from the sea about 10 miles (16 km) off the northeastern coast of Sri Lanka, the country’s navy said.

Naval personnel said the elephant was trapped in a stream off the coast near the town of Kokkilai and dragged into the ocean where it was discovered by a patrol.

Officials from the Wildlife Department and another naval ship were sent to the region and helped bring the animal to shore.

Avinash Krishnan, a research officer with the A Rocha conservation group, said the discovery that the animal off Earth was less noticeable than it appeared.

“They are very good swimmers,” he said. “Swimming about 15 km from the coast is not unusual for an elephant.”

However, he added that the intervention of the Navy was still necessary. “They can not continue swimming for a long time because they burn a lot of energy,” he said.

“And salt water is not good for your skin, so in this case, the situation is likely to justify human intervention.”

He said that Asian elephants regularly cross short distances through the water, even in the Andaman Islands, an Indian archipelago where swimming was observed among small geographic features.

Elephants use their trunks as natural snorkel and have a unique lung structure in mammals that allows them to withstand variations of pressure above and below water.

Genetically, they are also familiar to manatees and dugongs, both of the animals that live in the water.

Biologists have speculated that the first elephants could have come to Sri Lanka, taking a similar route to that which recovered on Monday in swimming in southern India.

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Rising Sea Levels To Flood New York, Boston, Miami: Study

Rising Sea Levels To Flood New York, Boston, Miami: Study

Rising Sea Levels To Flood New York, Boston, Miami: Study

WASHINGTON: Cities like New York, Boston and Miami can cope with chronic floods in the coming decades, warn scientists have discovered that rising sea levels due to climate change could lose their 60% of homes in coastal communities Of the country for the year 2100.

Scientists have made a list of United States cities that should not exceed 20, 50 or 80 following because of sea level rise.

If sea-level predictions are accurate, places like New York, Boston, San Francisco and Miami are facing a bleak future, according to researchers at the Union of Scientists – a nonprofit profit-making organization in the United States United.

They published a report that shows that cities will be flooded with water, meaning that they will be flooded at least 26 times a year – the equivalent of a flood every two weeks.

“Between 165 and 180 communities chronically flooded over the next 15 to 20 years, from 270 to 360 in some 40 years, according to the rate of sea-level rise and 490 at the end of the century with a moderate scenario raising the level of Sea, “said Erika Spanger-Siegfried, senior climate analyst at UCS.

“With a rising sea level rise, this number is about 670, about half of all seaside communities on the 48,” CNN Spanger-Siegfried told CNN.

Cities to be flooded in 2035 include locations along the Jersey coast and parts of North Carolina, South Louisiana and neighboring regions, known to be vulnerable for years.

By 2060, the list extends to hundreds of coastal communities, large and small cities such as Galveston, Texas; Sanibel Island, Florida; Hilton Head, South Carolina; Ocean City, Maryland; And many cities along the coast of Jersey.

By the end of the century, more than 50 cities with populations of more than 100,000 people could be affected, 60% of coastal communities.

Cities like Boston, Fort Lauderdale, and will take into account four of the five boroughs of New York as flooded.

Although the west coast seems to be affected by the flood in the coming decades, places like San Francisco and Los Angeles will be on the list before 9PM.

After Recent Terror Incident, Sweden Cracks Down On Illegal Immigrants

After Recent Terror Incident, Sweden Cracks Down On Illegal Immigrants

After Recent Terror Incident, Sweden Cracks Down On Illegal Immigrants

STOCKHOLM: Sweden has stepped up its crackdown on illegal immigrants after an asylum seeker has not killed five people in Stockholm, but the movement has expressed concern that more migrants would be driven underground to reach a dark subclass.

In recent months, police have organized sweeping sweeps of workplaces to review documents, compensate undocumented workers, send a warning to employers and generate a heated debate in the nation traditionally tolerant of migrants.

In May, police carried out their biggest incursion so far, when dozens of agents have settled on a construction site in Stockholm. Nine were captured and sent to detention centers, while another 40 escaped by climbing on the scaffolding and rooftops.

Swedish authorities have already begun tightening illegal immigrants, but police have stepped up their activities after Uzbek worker Rakhmat Akilov has taken shoppers to Stockholm in April.

“We have an unlimited job,” said Jerry Wiberg, who heads the police unit in charge of internal border controls in Stockholm. A 22-year veteran who caught thousands of illegal immigrants, Wiberg led the raid on the site in May.

After Akilov has become another terrorist in Europe to use a truck as a weapon, the prime minister said that Stefan Löfven “means there is no” for those whose asylum claims are rejected. Akilov, whose lawyer said he admitted the crime, had been hiding after his asylum claim was denied.

The agency estimates that the migration of 10,000 asylum seekers annually elects to disappear rather than be deported. Up to 50,000 undocumented immigrants already working in hotels, transportation, construction and restaurants, the agency announced last year.

Migration Minister Morgan Johansson says that a “dual job market … where an increasingly out-of-society group of being and staying in Sweden” after being rejected, the residence was unacceptable.

“This also increases the risk of being exploited. We can not do it that way.” He said, adding: “One way to go after employers … (with) expanded controls in the workplace.”

While cheap migrant labor is well received by some small businesses, officials and economists are concerned that the submerged economy surpasses Sweden’s economic model, whose generous provisions and social assistance wages are based on high levels of productivity and one of the The world’s heaviest tax regimes.


Binding measures against immigrants go to large numbers in Sweden, a $ 10 million country that was once called a “humanitarian superpower” that generously welcomed immigrants fleeing conflicts in the Middle East and Africa .

But attitudes seem to change and a study conducted in 2017 by the University of Gothenburg shows that 52 percent. 100 benefited by having fewer refugees in the country with 24 percent. 100 opposed. There are two years, 40 percent. 100 supported refugee reduction with 37 opposed.

Swiss anti-immigration Democrats are now the second largest party in the polls with the support of a fifth of the Swedes.

The Social Democrats, the largest party in the country in all elections since 1917 and the leader of the coalition government with the Greens, were forced to balance their traditional skills that leave with the need to enforce immigration laws.

Brexit: Repeal Bill to be published by the government

Brexit: Repeal Bill to be published by the government

Brexit: Repeal Bill to be published by the government

The law, known as the law in favor of repeal will ensure the same rules in the UK after Brexit, while the British parliaments have the power to change them.
Brexit Secretary David Davis said he would “work with anyone” to succeed, but he faces the opposition.

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said the government: “It’s going to be hell.”
The work is committed to voting against the bill unless there are major changes in details previously indicated.

Conservatives rely on the support of the Democratic Union Party to win key votes after losing most of the Commons in the general election.
What is the repeal law?

She told the BBC 4: “For conservative opposition parties and remainer, now there is a feeling of” down here “This is the first great opportunity of the government’s little critics. Brexit, not Theresa May, the book of laws. ”

Formally known as the name of the European Union (withdrawal) bill, the bill is a key element of Brexit’s government strategy.

The 1972 Law on the European Communities will be repealed, leading to Britain in the EU and eliminating the rule of law in Brussels.
The bill will also have temporary powers to correct laws that do not work properly after Brexit.

It is not expected to be debated before the fall, but it must happen when the UK left the EU – in March of year 2019.

M. Davis said it would allow the UK to leave the EU “certainty, continuity and maximum control.”

“This is one of the most important legislation has already been approved by Parliament and is an important step in the process of withdrawal from the European Union,” he said.

“Working together for the national interest, we can ensure that we have a fully functioning legal system the day we leave the EU.
“The eyes of the nation are upon us and I will work with anyone to achieve this and form a new future for our country.”
“Driven, pushed, coaxed”

However, the union says that there is insufficient responsibility to the powers “delegated delegated powers” to amend the legislation and says that the bill represents a “takeover” in Westminster compared the relevant administrations.

PM Job Hilary Benn, who is chair of Brexit’s selection committee, said there were “real and serious concerns about how this is done.”

The government asked parliamentarians to work together
“I must say that, at every stage, the ministers had to be pushed, pushed and encouraged to take the role of Parliament seriously.”

M. Farron said “the government put it on the alert” promising a tougher test than it faced in adopting a law authorizing the departure of the UK from EU.

US seeks to renegotiate free trade deal with South Korea

US seeks to renegotiate free trade deal with South Korea

US seeks to renegotiate free trade deal with South Korea

The United States officially declared on Thursday that it wants to renegotiate its free trade agreement with South Korea as the world’s largest economy seeking to redraw the world trade system in favor during the Donald Trump administration.

Trump opposed trade agreements on the electoral path, accusing them of losing jobs in the United States, while courting support from working-class voters, while supporters say they remove barriers to companies increasing global prosperity.

The Transp American Association of the Pacific (TPP) has been withdrawn, a proposal led by the Obama administration to create the largest trade agreement in the world, which was signed in February last year but never implemented.

Demonstration of strength of the South Korea of ​​the United States and after the intercontinental ballistic missile test in North Korea
And the talks should begin next month when the North American Free Trade Agreement (TLC) renegotiation with Canada and Mexico after Trump refused to threaten to withdraw unilaterally from the pact, it was stimulated industry and manufacturing created, Agricultural and trade industries links throughout the region.

The Free Trade Agreement between the United States and South Korea, known as the KORUS, came into force in March 2012, while Washington said its trade deficit with the country has more than doubled to 13.2 billion dollars In 2011 to 27.6 billion last year.

Trade of goods between the graph South Korea and the United States 2006-2016. (AFP)
In a statement, US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said he had convened a joint meeting of the Committee under KORUS “to begin the negotiation process to remove barriers to trade and revise US necessary changes in the Agreement “.

Trump described the KORUS agreement as “horrible” for the United States, and in a letter to South Korean Trade Minister Lighthizer said there were “problems with market access for exports in Korea United States” and Washington wanted to see one “More balanced business relationship”.

The Joint Commission will meet next month in Washington, he added.

Seoul has reacted with skepticism, with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy indicating that the agreement could be modified by mutual agreement.
“As part of the free trade agreement, it is not necessarily tied to our side to conform to the US proposal to modify the FTA,” it said in a statement.

“Firstly, he added, officials should” study, analyze and evaluate the effect of the Free Trade Agreement and whether KORUS FTA should be blamed for the trade imbalance. ”

Deeply intertwined relationship

Trade is only one part of the deeply intertwined relationship between South Korea and the United States, which are in a security alliance.

More than 28,000 US troops are stationed in the south to protect against North Korea armed last week for the first time successfully tested a missile that could reach Alaska.

The Trump administration seeks tougher penalties for the United Nations against the North – which has ample artillery firepower within the reach of Seoul – and said it keeps its military options open.

Trump also attacked Tokyo, another Asian security ally, trade.

Japan, Australia and New Zealand are the main efforts of the remaining Trans-Pacific Partnership of the country, the so-called TPP 11, to reactivate the agreement, convinced that it will block free trade and strengthen the future labor rights and protection of the environment.

10 Indians killed, six injured in fire in Saudi Arabia, Sushma Swaraj says 'staff rushing'

10 Indians killed, six injured in fire in Saudi Arabia, Sushma Swaraj says ‘staff rushing’

10 Indians killed, six injured in fire in Saudi Arabia, Sushma Swaraj says ‘staff rushing’

At least 10 indigenous people were killed and six others were injured Wednesday when a large fire broke through a windowless house in Saudi Arabia.

Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj in New Delhi said officials from the Indian consulate in Jeddah rushed to Najran after the incident.

“I am aware of the fire tragedy in Najran in which we have lost 10 Indian citizens and six injured are in the hospital,” he said in a tweet.

It happens after the death of a woman, Vidya S, requested the help of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to bring back the mortal remains of those who died in the incident.

“I spoke with the Consul General of Yidda Najran is 900 km from Jeddah Our staff rushes to the first available flight.

“Our Consul General is in contact with the governor of Najran. He says I want to be informed regularly,” Swaraj said.

In addition to the 10 Indians, another person died whose identity is unknown.

Earlier, Arab News quoted the Saudi civil defense, said 11 workers were killed and six injured in the fire in the southern city of Najran came from India and Bangladesh.

“Firefighters emit a fire in a house without windows for ventilation. Eleven people were killed by asphyxiation and six others were injured,” the southern province of Najran said, the civil defense said in a tweet.

The workers, who owned a construction company, lived near a gold market area in the Faisaliah district.

The fire was started due to a short circuit in an old air conditioning unit, according to the primary information.

Among the six injured workers, four were from India, according to the Saudi Arabia Bulletin.

When contacted, the Indian embassy in Riyadh told PTI that he had no details about the incident.

The governor of Najran, Prince Jluwi bin Abdelaziz, ordered the formation of a committee to investigate the fire incident. Its office will oversee the committee, which will include representatives of the Civil Defense, the City Council and the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, according to the report.

Prince Jluwi was concerned about the lack of control over the residences of foreign workers and the role of the Civil Defense and Municipality field teams, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

Ex-Brazil President Lula sentenced to nearly 10 years for corruption

Ex-Brazil President Lula sentenced to nearly 10 years for corruption

Ex-Brazil President Lula sentenced to nearly 10 years for corruption

BRASILIA: Former Brazilian leader Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the main candidate in next year’s presidential election, was sentenced Wednesday to corruption charges and sentenced to nearly 10 years in prison.

The decision marked an impressive fall from Lula, one of the most popular politicians in the country, and a sharp blow to his chances of return policy. The former labor leader who was praised globally for policies to reduce persistent inequalities in Brazil, faces four more corruption trials and will remain free on appeal.

The verdict represents the most important sentence however, in a corruption investigation for more than three years, shook Brazil, revealing a large graft system for the next level of business and government.

Sergio Moro The judge considered Lula, 71, guilty of accepting 3.7 million reais (1.2 million dollars) in bribes from the engineering company OEA SA, in the amount of money lawyers that the company spent the renovation From a beach apartment to Lula in exchange for his help to win contracts with state oil company Petroleo Brasileiro.

Federal prosecutors have accused Lula, the first president of the Brazilian working class 2003-2011, to propose a long anti-corruption bill that was discovered in a Petrobras counter-rebound investigation.

Lula’s legal team said in an e-mailed statement that he was innocent and would appeal.

“For more than three years, Lula has had an investigation for political reasons,” they wrote. “No credible evidence of guilt has occurred, and overwhelming evidence of his innocence was ignored.”

Lula’s lawyer, Cristiano Martins, has repeatedly accused Judge Moro of bias against his client, which Moro firmly denies.
Moro wrote in his decision that “he had no personal satisfaction in this conviction, on the contrary.”

“It is unfortunate that a president can be criminally convicted,” Moro said. “No matter their size, no one is above the law.”

The Brazilian real has increased earnings after the decision and reached its highest level in two months. The benchmark Bovespa stock market hit a session high. Investors fear that another Lula would mean a return to more state-oriented and less business-friendly economic policy.

“Food leaves empty”
Lula would be barred from his position if his conviction is upheld by an appellate court, which will take at least eight months to decide.

If he can not run, political analysts say that he left Brazil would be thrown into disorder, forced to rebuild and find a leader capable of emerging from the long shadow that Lula launched into Brazilian politics for three decades.

“Lula’s absence opens an open hole in the political scene, creating a huge power vacuum on the left,” said Claudio Couto, a political scientist at the Getulio Vargas Foundation, one of the best universities.

“We came to a situation of extreme political tension, even beyond the chaos we experienced last year.”

Couto said he hoped Lula’s verdict of guilty was upheld by the appellate court. This would leave the presidential race open for 2018 and increase the chances of a victory by an independent politician, as the best-known competitors are also taken into account in corruption investigations in Brazil.

The two terms of Lula were marked by a merchant boom that momentarily made Brazil one of the most dynamic economies in the world. Its ambitious foreign policy, the alignment of Brazil with other large developing countries, has raised the profile of the country on the world stage.

China under pressure to free ailing Nobel laureate

China under pressure to free ailing Nobel laureate

China under pressure to free ailing Nobel laureate

Shenyang, China has experienced sustained international pressure on Thursday for Nobel laureate to fight cancer Liu Xiaobo requires overseas treatment as official updates hospitals suggest that the democracy advocate is close to death.

The United States and Germany have expressed concern over the 61-year-old writer after the hospital he attended yesterday said he had organic insufficiency and difficulty breathing.
Doctors said Liu would be artificial ventilation to stay alive, but the family refused, according to the First Hospital of the Chinese Medicine University in Shenyang City, northeast of the country.

Human rights groups have denounced the lack of independent reports on Liu’s health, accusing authorities of manipulating information from the hospital’s heavily guarded website was the only source of medical changes.

Authorities do not say where Liu is treated, but at least five police officers monitored the hospital’s oncology floor on Thursday tracking access to the unit. Several others were also seen inside and outside the building.

Liu, who was sentenced to 11 years in jail for “subversion” in 2009, entered the hospital earlier this month after being transferred from prison because of the late stage of liver cancer.

His wife, the poetess Liu Xia, has been at his side, but his ability to communicate with the outside world is restricted. Authorities have been under house arrest since 2010.

“We are still concerned that Mr. Liu and his family are unable to communicate with the outside world and that he is not free to seek medical treatment of his choice,” White House spokesman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Wednesday.

German government spokeswoman Steffen Seibert said that Berlin “is prepared to receive and medically” deal.

The latest health updates “raises the question of whether M. Liu’s cancer would have been diagnosed and treated earlier,” said Seibert.

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen also called on Beijing to release Liu and reiterated his offer to have treated Liu on the autonomous island that China considers a distant province.

The Chinese government has rejected international requests to leave Liu treatment abroad, saying that it receives the best possible high-level care from domestic doctors and that other countries should not “be interested in China’s internal affairs.”

A German doctor and an American doctor Liu visited last week and said he was still strong enough to satisfy his desire to travel abroad, but the hospital has issued increasingly pessimistic reports every day since.

Liu could become the first Nobel Peace Prize winner to die in custody from the German pacifist Carl von Ossietzky, who died in a hospital under the Nazis in 1938.