Marrying for a (different) Cause!

Marry in a Puducherry, honeymoon for the rest of your life in Paris! But first, dish out. In this exotic former French colony, young men are making a beeline for French belles with starry eyes, pounding hearts – and bulging wallets. But marital bliss doesn’t come cheap. The brides, Indian- origin French citizens, demand and get dowries between Rs 2 lakh and Rs 50 lakh. This has been the trend in Puducherry for the last few decades. Families here want French daughters-in- law so that their sons can get French nationality and become rich. Newly-married men could earn a fortune in France and enjoy a slew of welfare measures extended by the Government there.

Kabootar-baazi has been the time-tested way of getting to Canada. Now , some hopefuls have discovered a cheaper, less risky option. Not Malta or Turkey, this route goes via the altar. A phony marriage to a Canadian has become the easiest way of acquiring a resident visa. In this rent-a-marriage route to immigration, the finery, garlands, guests and even the spouse are all conveniently arranged by an unscrupulous consultant who is hand in glove with a local temple.

And is your lovely daughter getting married soon? Forget about gifting a car or diamond jewellery. That’s passe. More and more parents are getting marriage websites designed for their children. What can be more unique than that? A website that’ll capture all the Kodak moments of th£ wedding. This concept has been quite popular in the West for the last 10 years and is catching on in India too. Says Pradip Thyagarajan, director,, “People want to share the beauty of their relationships with others, particularly with those far away.” started designing such websites four years ago and gets nearly 10 customers every month as against a few earlier.

All you have to do is approach a Web designer and give him details of the marriage – venue, timing, route and, at times, personal details such as where the couple works and how they met.

Designed usually weeks

and relatives informer the website, either by the parents or the designers thema Designers charge betwee- 10,000 and Rs 30,000 depe”: ‘ the memory load. The V*-. remains functional fc_ months and can be reir after a payment of Rs – X made.

Such websites mitiga s
workload of the hosts

from being a mec ._ flaunt, it makes simpler. You dc~: instance, have to a* calls from guests for routes, etc interesting comp: • a – the website is toe list which pm details of gt~a couple would •: have. Guests choose one of the and buy it online moment they bu.. : gift gets deleted ~ site so that the buyer doesn’t choree • same gift.
The length of a lehanga and a blouse is getting shorter and the silhouettes are getting fitter.

  • Apart from shades of red, magenta and pink, we’ll get to see a lot of out-of-the ordinary colours, like sea-green, turquoise-blue, lavender, mauve, strawberry, burgundy, gold, fuchsia, rust, copper and so on.
  • Heavily beaded bags, shoes with similar embroidery as your dress, and even waist belts are in great demand.

The mantra is, if you have the figure, flaunt it!

Rudolf Valentino – Jean Acker 6 hour:
Robin Givens – Syetozar Marinkovic 24 ho_’:-
Britney Spears – Jason Alexander 48 hoL—
Dennis Hopper – Michelle Phillips 8 da. a
Cher – Gregg Allman 9 da..:
Carmen Electra – Dennis Rodman 10 da., a
Robert Evans – Catherine Oxenberg 12 da. s
Drew Barrymore – Jeremy Thomas 29 da • 5
Ernest Borgnine – Ethel Merman 32 days
Jim Carrey – Lauren Holly 11 mor:-;
Sly Stallone – Brigitte Nelson 18 mor:-a
Julia Roberts – Lyle Lovett 2 yea-
Richard Gere – Cindy Crawford 3 yea-s
Madonna – Sean Penn 4 yea—
Kim Bassinger – Alec Baldwin 7 yea-s
Meg Ryan – Dennis Quid 9 yea-
Tom Cruise – Nicole Kidman 10 yea*s
Bruce Willis – Demi Moore 11 yea-

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